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What We Make

We’ve created a small hemp apparel collection, a home furnishing collection and hemp sandals as an expression of the first steps of our cultural journey.

We’ve verified that hemp fabric has excellent properties and can be used for apparel items and home furnishing items at the same level as other fibers such as cotton, linen and silk.

When creating these collections, we always tried to privilege the qualitative aspects when choosing the fabric and when creating items in order to show how hemp can equally compete with other fabrics within the ateliers of other big and prestigious high fashion trade marks.

Synthetic, linear and essential are adjectives that describe our choice of forms, colors and design, together with the refined and precision in their creation: from cuts to finish and from the accurate selection of materials.

Fabrics and colors therefore mix in innovative alchemy, able to create new suggestions to provide answers to needs and sensibilities which are constantly changing.

After seasons of artificial and technological looks, the desire for natural items is incrementing. Colors and materials join together to give birth to our collections.

The light and natural, fresh elegance and movement, applied to the material and to the form, express our collection’s character brought by an ecologically correct policy.

LIGHT AND NATURAL: the free body is covered by materials that caress it and favor the expression of its motion. The colors that better interpret this natural sensation bring us to the sands of the deserts and beaches. To this an addition of neutral tones of natural coloring.

FRESH ELEGANCE: from the wild plant to natural fabric, for the pleasure of letting ourselves go in order to find comfort and wellbeing.
Fabrics and apparel that provide an easy way of dressing, consenting those who wear them to display elegance and a taste of the refined.

The MOVEMENT is that of life which being fast and dynamic gives rhythm to our days but at times it needs to pause and reflect, it needs to listen and consider the innate rhythm that mother nature asks us to respect.