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The Ecoplanet / Hempower project is born from the idea of using Hemp as primary source because it is highly environmentally friendly in all cycles of its life.

It is indubitable that there is a strong association with the hemp plant as Marijuana instead of an ecological resource that can be used by industries and as a source of clean energy.

This is caused by misinformation that has circulated in the past decades which other pioneers and ourselves are slowly and painfully trying to correct.

On the other hand, we noticed that with people of a certain age, this association does not exist. Oppositely, the elders remember when in Italy the Hemp plant was cultivated and used without creating any moral problems.

By putting the Hemp leaf as a representative form of our logo, we chose to amplify as much as possible our ecological message toward the people that never had the possibility of knowing and interpreting hemp/marijuana but in any one of the following two ways: primary source or drug.

We chose to put people in front of a precise psychological choice at the moment of the purchase: accepting Hemp as a natural resource.

People might say: “you wear marijuana !!!” The truth behind our logo, your clothing, sandals and household items is the determination and will to make everybody know of our ideas and our ecological belief through simple products of every day use.

These objectives bring us to give importance to the extraordinary qualities of Hemp as primary source, those that our grandparents surely knew.

Resistance, highly ecological sustainability and versatility: these are the qualities we wish to emphasize, fighting and changing people’s concepts, bringing to light what has been hidden for decades: it’s inestimable value as a primary source.

This should be appreciated in the contemporary world, where resources with a low environmental impact are scarce, difficult to find and present high costs of extraction and transformation.

Hemp on the other hand, besides being easy to cultivate and inexpensive from the economical / environmental point of view, can be applied in an infinite series of tasks in almost all sectors.

Besides the textile sector, it is already widely used as house building material, in the automotive industry and in the industry for animal products.