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Our Story

The HEMPOWER / ECOPLANET project was born in Monzuno Italy, in the Bologna province, where nature presents itself in its utter beauty and the soft sound of the river brings back long gone memories.

The Allocco Mill, one of the oldest of this area, whose name comes from a bird of pray that often appears in its vicinity, was the indirect author of the idea on which the Ecoplanet / Hempower production is based, the use of Hemp and other natural materials as primary sources.

During the restructuring of the mill, old memories of a time when the mill was still fully functional reemerged.

We found and brought back to light old hemp tablecloths and old hemp bags which were used to carry grain and flour.

The elders of this area, besides recalling the large usage of hemp, remember passing by the Allocco Mill with their parents to bring home the flour.

Their perfect descriptions of the most exciting moment of their day at the Mill bring happiness to their faces and transmit melancholy of a time that is now far away.

Their most vivid memory is the crossing of the river on the wooden bridge suspended 5 meters above the running water and going back home with the bag full of flour.

This finding ourselves immerged in a forgotten past brought out the ideas that were carried out while listening to the soft and constant flowing of the river.

The definition of our logo

HEMPOWER is born from the union of two words, HEMP and POWER. Its primary meaning refers to the potential of Hemp intended as ecological resource used to solve many problems connected with the modern world.